I can’t enable my USB wireless adapter on Windows 7 (Solution)

For several weeks, I tried to install many USB Wireless Adapters without success. Whenever I tried to enable these devices, Windows 7 was not doing it, or it was not allowing it. The funny thing is that the device manager was showing me the adapter(s) installed, enabled, and ready to use, but when going to my adapter settings, the adapter(s) were in a gray color which means that they were not enabled or activated. I had tried almost everything. I went to the adapters websites in order to download the latest drivers, I went to check the Microsoft website to make sure that the device is compatible with Windows 7, I went back to the store returning the device and getting a different one, etc.

“None of them solved my problem.”

The solution that I found is relatively simple. For some reason the problem is with the Antivirus. if you have an Antivirus installed in your PC (I assume), it won’t let Windows 7 activate the adapter(s). “No matter what,” you will have to UNINSTALL the Antivirus. Pausing it, or closing it will not work at all.

Therefore, in order to active your USB wireless adapter follow the next steps:

1. Uninstall the Antivirus software you may have.

2. Reboot your computer.

3. Install the USB Wireless Adapter(s) drivers.

4. Re-install the Anti-Virus.

5. Reboot your PC and VOILA!.

Before you proceed, it is recommended to…

- Check if your USB wireless adapter is compatible with windows 7. (Click here)

- Download and install the latest drivers for your adapter.


IMPORTANT:  I’ve tested this solution with the following adapters:

- Belkin Wireless G USB adapter
- RangeMax(tm) NEXT Wireless Adapter WN311B
- Linksys AE1000 Wireless N USB adapter

On Windows 7 Professional 64 bits; they worked without a problem after following the solution shown lines above.

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